Resistance Bands

Exercises to Build Incredible Arms

You can use a can of soup, bottled water, or anything else equivalent in size and weight for this workout. For support, you’ll also need a stool or bench. To begin, hold your “weight” (soup can or whatever you’re using) in your left hand and place your right knee and right hand on the bench, as if you’re sitting at a table. You should have your left hand swinging beside you. Your back should be straight and your abs should be contracted. Make sure your head and neck are aligned with your back in a straight line. To perform this exercise, bend your left arm and pull it up close to your side until your elbow is pointing to the ceiling. Reduce the weight by a small amount each time. Repeat on each arm, aiming for 2-3 sets of 10-15 repetitions. The upper back, biceps, and shoulders are targeted in this exercise.

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This is one of the arm workouts without weights that you can do with only your body weight. This powerful workout is performed by placing your hands in a push-up position with your thumbs and index fingers touching each other, forming a triangle. (If push-ups are difficult for you, keep your knees on the floor throughout the exercise.) Slowly lower yourself until you are hovering just over the floor, then push up again, keeping your body in one straight line from head to toe.

Because these can be difficult, limit yourself to as many as you can, but make sure you do the workout until you feel you couldn’t possibly do another if your life depended on it! If you can, try to do three sets of eight. The triceps are the focus of this exercise. You can use Resistance Bands for perfect exercising.

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