IUB fall admission 2021

Bahawalpur Islamia University is a public university in Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan. The university was founded as a religious institution in 1925 and was renamed in 1975. The university is extensive, stretching over 1,416 hectares of land with more than 25,000 students.

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Teaching and research is divided across 45 departments in 74 distinct fields. Religious issues and languages continue to be the key subject of the Islamia University, but since the university was launched, they have spread to encompass business, engineering, agriculture, law, the arts, education and veterinary sciences. Students at Islamia University are encouraged to participate in numerous social clubs and extracurricular activities that go hand in hand with university courses, from debate to arts and a questionnaire.

Sport is fundamental to campus life. Students of the Islamic University participate in a number of national and inter-collegiate tournaments. There is also a theatrical group and studio within the University and a campus radio station managed by the students. The university’s Sir Sadiq Muhammad Khan Library is open seven days a week and houses more than two million books. In the meantime, career counseling and employment fairs are organized throughout the year by the university career development department.

Accommodation on site may accommodate up to 6000 students and 200 faculty members on various main sites. Bahawalpur itself is a major town with more than 760,000 inhabitants. Students can visit commercial malls, eateries and Bahawalpur Zoo from the main campus areas.

Bahawalpur Islamia University has 43 main campus departments and 2021 admissions to all departmental programs. The admissions programs for the university are BSCS, BSIT, BSSE, LLB, LLM, MIT, MSCS, Mass Comm., bs Psychology, bs media studies, bs fine arts, food science, pharmaceutical, library sciences, electrical engg, mechanical engg, bs tech civil, be-technical mechanical and other 60 advertising programmes. The admission of the autumn semester 2021 was announced by IUB BWP by several students. Candidates may apply for BS, MS/MPhil and PHD programs for IUB admission 2021 by submitting their application form online. We have complete information on the admission process for Islamic universities till a list of selected candidates can be displayed. You should also see more universities in Punjab which offer universities in the autumn of 2021.

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