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The majority of vocalists, in my experience, chose tunes that are far too high for them to comfortably sing. Perhaps they feel compelled to push themselves. Forget about it; instead, sing what makes you sound the best. It’s good to push yourself in private, but choosing material that is too difficult to convey successfully in public is counterproductive. For many of my students, I find myself recommending that they lower their keys, despite the fact that the majority of them are already advanced singers. The finest songs to sing, especially if you’re new to singing, are those with notes you can easily reach.

First and foremost, songs should be appropriate for children of various ages. It’s difficult to sing “You give me fever, baby” effectively if you’re young and haven’t had fourteen passionate love adventures. When a nine-year-old shows up with a song about booze and failed second marriages, I’m always surprised. A mature artist, on the other hand, should not go on about what happens after school and the end of summer vacation.

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It’s also a good idea to avoid songs sung in a dialect. Don’t sing an Irish jig if you’re not Irish. Why not make the most of your Irish background by incorporating it into your music? “Write what you know,” writers are told. “Sing what you know,” is another piece of advise for singers. You probably don’t know much about tractors, barns, or hay rides if you were born and reared in New York City. However, you are familiar with Times Square, all-night dancing, and possibly what it is like to be lonely in a major metropolis. A Tennessee farm child is in the same boat. What does he know about bright lights and the big city if he’s never left the farm?

The finest songs to sing are those that you can relate to on some level.

It’s a simple question, yet it’s incredibly difficult to answer. Know thyself, thyself, thyself, thy Know who you are and choose music that reflect your personality, whether you’re a crazy child, a country boy, or an elegant lady. Are you a high-octane performer who jumps around the stage? Then you should seek out songs that have a fast tempo. Look for ballads and easy-going songs if you’re more of a George Strait stand-in-one-place-and-strum-a-guitar kind. This does not mean that all of your songs must be one or the other, but you should fill your setlist with songs that highlight your best qualities.

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