Fraser Island Australia

Fraser Island is more than 122 kilometers long and lies adjacent to the southern coast of Queensland off the coast of Hervey Bay. With a total area of about 184,000 hectares and a width of 30 kilometres, the island is considered to be the largest sand island in the world. He is also a proud member of the World Heritage List because of his wonderful nature.

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The Badtjala tribe of indigenous Australians originally resided on Fraser Island for 800,000 years. With archaeological sites indicating that over 5000 years ago the tribe lived on the island, they have coincidentally named K’Gari Island, meaning paradise. European history only started as Matthew Flinders explored the area in 1802. Other island occupants included the escaped convicts and survivors of the shipwreck, such as Eliza Fraser whose shipwreck was named after her. Fraser Island is now a wonderful destination for tourists to or in Queensland and a highly recommended tourist destination.

Fraser Island is an Australian place with real natural beauty. It is covered by luxuriant rainforests, surrounded by free streams and miles of white and colorful sandy cliffs, surrounded by cool water in the ocean, and generally surrounded by a happy and peaceful atmosphere. The diversity of native flora and fauna is surprising, and the number of protected national parks enables all exploration. No place is more attractive than the spectacular natural environment of the well-known Fraser Island.

Accommodation on Fraser Island

Every visitor on Fraser Island has a style of accommodation from north to south, east to west. Fraser Island’s accommodation options include resorts, beach houses, cabins, apartments, retreats for rainforests, bed & breakfasts, caravan parks, backpacking hostels and designated campsites. Alternative accommodation consists in houseboats or yachts rentals and ocean views of the island.

Camping is one of the most popular types of accommodation on Fraser Island. Many public and private sites with many visitors walking across the mainland provide campers with toilet blocks, running water and shower. Popular Fraser Island campsites are Lake Boomanjin, Waddy Point, Wathumba, Dundubara and McKenzie Lake, but remember to obtain a camp permit in advance.

Access Fraser Island is easy, guests can use light aircraft, passenger and car ferries, groups of tourists and private boats. The island is easy to access. However, all vehicles transported to Fraser Island require a permit.

The most attractive attraction of Fraser Island is probably its extremely vigorous, natural environment. Guests at Fraser Island will not be disappointed with the range of water and land-based activities, entertainment and attractions offered to provide a good source for extreme adventure and exploration.

Laden with scenic tracks, hiring or bringing a private 4WD to discover the hidden magic that Fraser Island has, is one of the most famous activities for guests. Also extremely popular is to explore the multicolored towering cliffs called The Cathedrals. The Central Station, which is known as Indian Head, Eli Creek, the Champagne Pools and Happy Valley are other places of interest to visit. Fraser Island also houses about 320 different species of birds, the purest race of dingoes, flying foxes, echidnas, wallabies, and much more for wildlife lovers. Dugongs, sea turtles and friendly dolphins are known in the surrounding seas.

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