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On the market there are many different automatic door systems. They are now relatively common in retail, commercial, office, medical leisure and public buildings of all kinds. Automatic doors are generally fast, easy and convenient to use from the user’s point of view. From the point of view of an organization, it provides a safe, effective and efficient way for monitoring access to a building and in some cases can enhance its esthetic appeal. Why are automatic sliding doors so popular with the many different types available?

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The quick opening and closing action provided by these systems can help keep heat in the building, save energy and maintain a comfortable environment for buildings operators. Many systems have a tight clamping seal that prevents drafts. The airflow to and from the building can also be controlled and controlled more effectively with these systems. Motor plays vital role in the system you can go Dunker motor distributors.

Where there are quite simply many persons entering and leaving a building throughout the day and perhaps carrying or pushing things like a supermarket, sliding doors such as bi-separating doors can quickly and safely create large openings without people having to stop or touch any part of the door. This allows far greater flow and is likely to lead to a considerable reduction in risk or confusion since people can see each other on either side of the door and the large space created if door slides allow people to enter the door and leave the door at the same time. The use of sensors on either side of the threshold area provides protection and prevents trapping.

The panels are generally large sizes of strong glass in most sliding systems and therefore allow a great deal of light to enter the buildings where they are installed. In addition to the trapping preventing sensors, these door systems should have an emergency opening device, if the power supply fails. It should also be checked every 4 hours. These systems can enable all doors to slide straight back in normal handling circumstances, providing large, clear spaces to evacuate people in an emergency.

If a building is irregularly or very individually designed, prismic doors are often a way of delivering all the advantages mentioned so far but more tailor-made. For instance, imagine the shape of a four-side diamond in a doorway with doors on each floor.

Where the image and appearance of the building are particularly important, curved automatic doors are frequently found, which glide circularly. The continuous curve of the main glass section can give the building a sophisticated and prestigious look.

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