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Arm Exercises Without the Use of Weights

These are one of those arm workouts without weights that can be done anywhere and at any time. Extend your arms straight out to the side, parallel to the floor and in a single straight line from your shoulders, while standing perfectly upright. Begin with making small forward circles with both arms, aiming for roughly 20 total, then reverse the process and make 20 backward circles. If this is too simple for you, perform them while holding a can of soup, a bottle of water, or something similar in each hand. This workout focuses on the shoulders, triceps, and biceps muscles.

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For a reason, this tried-and-true practice has remained popular over the years… simply put, it works! Assume the push-up posture, and if getting your entire body off the floor in one straight line is too difficult, try having your knees on the floor instead. If the push-ups are still too difficult, try doing them against a wall. Begin in whichever push-up position you want, with your hands flat on the floor (or wall) and squarely behind your shoulders. Whatever position you choose, be sure your body is in a straight line. Make sure your abs are engaged and your body isn’t sagging towards the floor.

Slowly lower yourself to the point where you are just hovering above the floor, then push yourself back up. Rep as many times as you can till you can’t take it any longer! To begin, aim for three sets of eight. It’s fine if you can’t complete all of them right away; just do what you can! The chest, triceps, and shoulders are all targeted in this exercise.

Yoga is a fantastic approach to increase lean muscle mass and flexibility. It’s one of those arm workouts without weights that makes you feel like you’ve just finished a weights session! Why? Because yoga exercises rely on your own body weight. Yoga will not only strengthen your arms, but also your complete body. It also aids in the release of tension caused by stress, which we all experience at some point in our lives. So join a yoga class or purchase a yoga DVD! You can use Resistance Bands for perfect exercising.

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