Alecs electric field heating system

The number of indoor sports activities increases during the winter months of the year. That said, there is no need to stay inside and avoid all activities. Extensive rainfall and cold temperatures diminish the overall well-being of crops. Also, for these kinds of venues, a quality playing surface is required. Poor playing conditions and the cancellation of the event are the two greatest risks faced when inclement weather, such as heavy rains or extreme cold, occurs. When those in charge of maintaining a field/pitch know that it’s a daily process with extraordinarily conventional systems performing complicated work, they understand the full extent of the responsibility.

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The innovative Alecs Field heating system keeps the baseball field frost-free. The ground temperature is set at a healthy level of heat for the season and does not get too cold even in the winter. the consistent heat throughout the entire pitch, precise temperature control, and instant on/off functionality are all among the many advantages of having Alec’s electrical heating system installed.

No two sports facilities are alike, and the heating and air conditioning provider should consider the facilities’ goals and individual needs before providing a design. Through study, Alecs learns about the various characteristics of the field, such as type of surface, amount of traffic, budget, and other relevant information. Using smartphones, PCs, tablets, or laptops, Alecs systems can be activated and controlled. They are happy to offer a ten-year guarantee on all parts because of the simplicity of Alecs Field Heating.

Ice clearing in sports clubs is greatly improved when Alecs Field Heating Systems are implemented, with an increased return, lower maintenance cost, and greater efficiency. The usage of efficient and cost-effective terrain heating is essential for all year-round play of tennis courts, soccer pitches, and football fields. Field/pitch owners who purchase Alecs Field Heating Systems are entitled to Alecs’ field heating solutions, which are provided with a durable electric field heating solution and an easy to use online calculator that makes calculations for field/pitch installation and maintenance easier.

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