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Individuals are speaking out about the incredible benefits that this plant has provided for them, leading in increased product purchases and increased possibilities for individuals to dive into the cannabis experience. CTFO is one such option. CTFO is a free-to-join organization that provides anyone interested in the CBD market with an accessible and inexpensive business opportunity to earn money online by purchasing and selling CTFO-certified goods that are safe, dependable, and lab-tested.

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With that said, let’s examine how CTFO operates as a business, how you can earn money with them, and why they are the ideal option for earning money from home. All CTFO colleagues are eligible to earn a 20% commission on any customer or associate they introduce to the company who makes a transaction. You automatically qualify for 20% of all commission volumes for each qualifying week, without having to purchase any anything. If you like, you may employ the compensation scheme outlined below to maximize the amount of commission you make each week.

To earn retail commissions, you must sell the product to a customer, either online or in-person. All products sold to you within your back-end office are at a wholesale discount. Retail prices are approximately 30% more than wholesale prices, which means that if you sell in-person, you will earn a bigger commission than if you sell online. Now, if you join someone up through your website, you will still get a commission, but it will be 20% of the product’s commissionable volume. Whichever path you take, you’ll earn a profit on each and every thing you sell.

You get a commission for each individual you personally recruit as well as for each person they recruit. This is a five-tiered structure, with the first level paying 20% commissions on commissionable volume and levels two through five paying 4% on each commissionable volume. Simply described, this is a distinct downline into which each associate is assigned upon joining. This is a 321 matrix with a maximum of three associates beneath each. This matrix includes 21 levels, with levels 1-5 paying out 1%, 6-7 paying out 10%, and 8-21 paying out another 1%. As you can see, teams of a certain size might generate a sizable amount of residual money.

Another component of the matrix is the profit sharing positions. These are formed automatically for you and give you the opportunity to make additional income because every third referral generates a new matrix for you, with you at the top. Gaining a new position in the matrix is completely free, and you are compensated according to your present rank. Keeping them is simple, as they come with no strings attached.

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