Best Electric Field Heating System

There are several unique advantages to electric heating. It can be accurately controlled to allow temperature uniformity within very narrow limits, it is cleaner than many other heating methods. There is no combustion and is considered very safe as it is protected from automatic breakers overload. It is easy to adjust and relatively quiet to use. The major disadvantages in industry are the higher costs of electricity than direct fuel use and the cost of capital of both the unit itself and the electrical cabling required to provide large quantities of electric energy at the point of use.

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There are tons of electric heat of various kinds. Certain methods include heating resistance, electric arc heating, induction heating and dielectric heating. The most common of these is the heating of resistance. You don’t have to worry about carbon monoxide or unvented gases by the resistance heating of electric baseboard, water heating, and kitchen areas. But electricity directly isn’t ecologically sound because most electricity uses fossil fuels. With approximately two thirds of the energy lost in the fuel and in transmission line losses.

Thermal storage systems, electrical heating, hydronic electric heating and even convective heating are some of the most popular options for electrical heating systems. You can also install an off-peak system that saves money and gives you electric heat comfort. An example of a highly common off-peak system today is a full electric heater. A convective electric heating system is another newer form of heating. Both use electric heaters to heat the air, which then circulates throughout your home with blowers.

As you can see, electric heating has certain advantages and disadvantages. Electricity costs have continued to rise and will rise even higher in the future. Many countries either have electricity deregulated or will do so in the near future. With the uncertainty of future electricity costs and waste from the energy transmission system, many electric heating systems owners decide to transform them into hydronic baseboard heating. With the very high efficiency of today’s gas and oil boilers, many homeowners find them much attractive. Combining a hot water baseboard or a radiant heat with high-efficiency gas or oil boiler will provide great comfort and low utility costs over many years to come.

Electric heat has a shining place, a seasonal cottage only used a few times a year. You can easily shut the heat down and restart it when you arrive. There is also very little that from the long periods of non-use can go wrong. Electricity is a very good choice in this situation. This is the only way I recommend electric heating.

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