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Tally ERP 9 is the fastest and most powerful multi-lingual business accounting and inventory management software in the world. Designed to meet the requirements of small and medium-sized companies exclusively, this software is fully integrated, affordable and highly reliable. This particular software is easy to purchase, quick to install and easy to learn and use. It is intended to automate and integrate all your business activities, such as finance, sales, purchasing, inventory and production. This version literally gives you accurate, up-to-date business information. The commanding features and burning speed and power of Tally ERP 9 combined with enhanced MIS, multilingual data synchronization and remote capabilities make it easy and cost-effective to simplify all business processes.

Tally Academy offers short courses, certificate courses and long-term programs cover Tally ERP 9 course, comprehensive learning, such as web development, financial accounts, software and programming, information technology, multimedia and web design.

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Tally released its first version in 1988 and is now one of the world’s leading accounting packages with several million customers through continued development. Today, the market share of Tally is over 90%. Unlike other computerized accounting packages that require numerical codes, the ‘no accounting codes’ concept was launched by Tally ERP 9. The users of this software are free to assign meaningful names to their data items on the system in plain English.

Tally software provides a complete solution to a company’s accounting and inventory needs. The package includes a company’s financial accounting, bookkeeping and inventory requirements. Tally software is capable of generating immediate and accurate reports that enable the management to take timely and appropriate decisions on the company’s overall productivity and growth. In addition to providing the ability to switch between accounting and inventory reports from a single organization or organizations, the Software offers the flexibility to generate immediate reports for a given period or time.

This software offers remote access to data everywhere and anytime. This particular software has a simple, menu-driven setup procedure. If the hard disk has partitions, the user can install the program files on any drive. The user can also specify the files’ name and directory location. The software Tally ERP 9 uses the minimum hard disk space on the local drive. It takes just a few seconds to install it on the local disk.

The software offers reliable information. It has a flexible field, flexible length, self-indexed, weighted file structure for a very compact and fast database. The software is quite robust and even when power failure occurs or the computer is shut down incorrectly, the data is not lost. This software uses quality data integrity controls to ensure the complete reliability of data on a regular basis. The Tally Audit feature allows users to check and modify entries made by authorized users with administrator rights and, if necessary. Tally ERP 9 displays the modified entries once the entries are audited, if any.

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