The Internet is the most powerful invention that humankind has ever created. Without regard to space and time, it is possible to reach and communicate with billions of people through this incredible tool. Internet access is not hindered by physical barriers, including mountains, vast distances, and even the ocean.

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There are two types of people in the online marketing niche. At the most basic level, there are first of all those who are known as “Marketing Experts” and to a lesser extent, the second group is referred to as “Newbies”. The majority of the second class get fat on the first class’ food. While the non-gurus make up 95% of the marketers online, the gurus make up only 5% of the total number of marketers. For the plebeians of ancient Rome, not making it to the gurus’ class was something comparable to never making it to Rome.

With the amount of attention it has received in the media, network marketing is the only type of business that is being marketed to the general public on an unprecedented massive scale. According to the hype, one can sign up for these programs without any preparation and be able to earn six-figure incomes in six months. This is a myth, and the messy, unpleasant truth that one should stay far away from like the plague. Such a strong following does exist that 95% of online marketing can be led into the industry without having any clear concepts of marketing or effective sales techniques. We have to deal with these problems because these types of messy hyperbole, myths, lies, and disgraceful statements are distributed from one sponsor to another.

A rather shameful second dirty secret aims directly at our innate laziness. And then the words appear on the screen, “Entertain yourselves.” “there is no selling or recruiting involved Simply sign below, and we will help you to build your downlines.” Is it all on you to give away your name and email address if no selling is required? Then why do they want to get to know you?

In the beginning, many newcomers have difficulty driving targeted traffic to their websites. So what happens now? Fooled by fake traffic scams, they spend valuable time and money that they could have used more productively. We have seen this before: “$97 gets you a million visitors” Because your traffic isn’t specifically targeted, you should avoid this dirty trick. Robots can make it appear as though you have received what you paid for by manufacturing “fake hits.”

Why are you selling online? Would you like to make money? This is what we aim for. Money is not a motivating factor. Instead of having a business plan for your Internet-based company, try focusing on meeting the needs of your customers. Ironically, those who are eager to serve get the most money.

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