BBO Nonlinear Crystal

BBO crystal is known as Non-linear optical crystal material low-temperature phase barium metaborate, or “Non-linear optical crystal material LTP barium metaborate.” Like other BBO crystal services, one of the housekeeping features of BBO laser is that it increases the frequency of laser light, such as infrared. It turns greenish light into something that you can see, so it has a lot of practical use (in addition to the excellent nonlinear effect, another outstanding optical characteristic of BBO is the electro-optic effect). This invention sent the world of material manufacturing into a frenzy, and it was propelled to the front of the pack.

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BBO crystals are non-symmetrical crystals. Wide transparency and phase matching ranges, a large non-linear coefficient, a high damage threshold, and excellent optical homogeneity are all included in the nonlinear BBO crystal. Additionally, it is thought that BBO could be utilized in various non-linear optical applications, such as OPO, OPA, OPCPA, and other non-linear optical applications. It is ideal for converting high peak or average power laser radiation due to the large thermal acceptance bandwidth, high damage threshold, and small absorption BBO well. Also known as narrowband DBT, which makes it the best alternative for frequency doubling of Dye, Arion, and Copper vapor laser radiation, and cascade harmonic generation (Nd:YAG, Ti:Sapphire, and Alexandrite laser radiation) of wide spread Nd:YAG.

Although not the most important, β-BaB2O4 is still an important nonlinear optical crystal. Its nonlinear optical coefficients are above average, the group velocity dispersion is low, the transparency range is broad (189-3500 nm), and it has a high damage threshold. This exceptional mixture of elements allows β-BBO crystal to be a highly promising optical parametric oscillator candidate. A β-BBO crystal can be used to generate entangled photon pairs and ten-photon entanglement in the realm of quantum optics.

As deduced from the transmittance measurements using crystal samples of several millimeters in thickness, BBO nonlinear crystal is a negative uniaxial crystal, which provides phase matching for various second-order interactions almost over its entire transparency range (from 185 nm to 3.3 µm). This is why BBO crystal is important for near-infrared optical parametric chirped pulse amplifiers, which are in the early stages of development and can produce extremely short optical cycles with higher power average and ultrahigh peak power values.

Applications are as follows:

To generate a Nd:YAG laser for THG, use Nd:YAG, Ti: Sapphire, and Alexandrite SHG.
Opto-Plasmonic Option Oscillation-based Tunable Solid State Lasers (pumped by 355, 532 or 1064 nm).
SHG, SFG of dye lasers; for UV radiation from SHG, SFG of dye lasers.
In thin plates, there is autocorrelation in shortpulse (ps and fs) lasers.

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