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In sports, dangerous conditions in the field can cause a range of problems. If the field is covered by ice and snow, the players are in danger of suffering serious injuries and cannot do their best. If the game is canceled due to the conditions on the ground, the stadium or club owner may be under tremendous financial strain. There is also a risk of disturbing fans and creating a domino effect of conflict planning.

Alecs Field Heating acknowledged that there was a need for efficient and cost-effective field heating so that tennis courts, soccer and soccer can be played year-round, regardless of weather conditions.

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Electric field heating saves you time and money for your business. You never have to pay someone to plow the entire field again for hours of work. Snow can be prevented from sticking by electrical heating and anything that has already accumulated may effectively melt. The instant heat of the electrical cables provides the quickest melting times than water systems that take time to heat water and distribute it on the ground.

Electrical field heating offers significant cost savings compared to systems with heated water-filled pipes. Installing systems using water is not only much more expensive, but also much more complex. It takes more time and money to build and further losses to the stadium while the field is under construction. Electric field heating is installed in complex grids divided into sections. This means that only the desired segments must be activated to melt the remaining areas instead of the whole system, if the sun has already melted part of the snow in the field. Since the cables cannot freeze, no extra power or anti-freeze is needed to warm them up at freezing temperatures.

Electric heating is the cheapest option on the market to keep your field ready for a game. Underground tube systems which heat your field using warmed water will require much more energy to heat the water and higher installation costs, constant anti-freeze shopping and oil and gas costs. The installation, operation and maintenance of electric heating is more affordable. These systems are efficiently optimized using smart software, which ensures that energy is not wasted to heat your field.

You won’t have to hire an engineer or a professional to operate the system for you with electronic field heating. These systems can be activated and controlled via Smartphones, PCs, tablets or laptops and are user-friendly. You won’t have to worry about cancelations in the last minute because of storms, ice injuries or fines because your field is not playable. You will not have to worry about your environmental impact, as electrical field heating has no emissions and uses energy that is sustainable. Heating in an electronic field eliminates stress and provides an affordable and user-friendly way of handling your field. Fill out our online contact form to receive a quote in real time.

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