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Three Triceps Exercises You Should Include in Your Workout

When it comes to bodybuilding or weightlifting, most beginners focus too much on the biceps. It’s the glamour muscles that are the easiest to flaunt. When completely mature, the triceps can be three times the size of the biceps. This should be enough to convince any dedicated bodybuilder to devote extra time to his triceps training. In each triceps workout, there are three movements that must be included. These workouts isolate and work the triceps from different angles, resulting in increased triceps growth and benefits.

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This is a good way to start your triceps workout. Grab a dumbbell with any arm and lift it into an overhead posture. Extend your arm vertically above your head, keeping it straight. While holding the dumbbell, keep your palms facing front. Grab the opposite elbow with the other hand to gently support the workout arm.

Begin by bending your arm at the elbow and slowly lowering the dumbbell to the back of your head. Lower the dumbbell as far back and down as possible to achieve a full range of motion. Keep your upper arm as straight and upright as possible throughout this exercise. Supporting the elbow with your other hand should help. In this triceps workout, this will isolate triceps contraction.

Slowly return the weight to its original position without jeopardizing the arm posture. The action of extending the elbow will cause the triceps to contract to their maximum capacity.

Depending on your triceps workout goal, perform the appropriate amount of repetitions and sets. You can use Resistance Bands for perfect exercising.

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